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Css files are now built using less


we’re slowly shuffling into 21st century here

there might be some minor stylesheet-related bugs in trunk, report if you notice anything


Kicking and screaming??? :smiley:


yeah, it’s a legit painful process :frowning:

i’m also starting to think about migrating off prototype to jquery, lol


That sounds like a tedious undertaking, but I would be lying if I said I didn’t prefer jQuery.


yeah, i did the switch for tt-irc a few years ago and it was really unpleasant, which is why i’m sort of trying not to

there’s also the problem of broken third party plugins

another thing that really should be done is switching to PDO + bound parameters but with ~650 queries to rewrite that’s just godkillmenow.jpg


I think I recall doing a grep a few months back when a forum poster suggested prepared statements and gasping the number of queries. That’s absolutely bound to introduce some bugs because of human error. I mean, it would be nice, but ugg…


yes, there’s also (again) third party plugins which might expect escaped parameters and either get broken or vulnerable.

i rewrote tt-irc to use PDO recently. it wasn’t that bad and only took me maybe two hours. then again tt-irc has less than 100 queries, most of which were static - that’s nothing compared to the sql hellscape of tt-rss. jquery switchover is more realistic overall (no conflict mode could help).

e: tbh while going prototype -> jquery would be easier there’s really not much point in it. switching to PDO would mean tangible sql injection improvements and the end of escaping mess, going jquery would, uh, make the code a bit shorter i guess.


i was bored enough so i did some exploratory PDO stuff. after ~thirty or so rewritten queries i gave up. :cry:

this shit is literally too boring and tiresome even for me, sorry folks.


i wounder what would happen if switch to PDO included dropping mysql support

i’ve just learned that this shitpile doesn’t support IS DISTINCT FROM and basically why even acknowledge it at this point

is distinct from is defined in the SQL:2003 standard and is a null-safe operator to compare two values.

MySQL supports a “null safe equals” operator: <=>. If that is negated, you get the same behaviour. (the <=> corresponds to is not distinct from)

mysql is basically php of database servers, but worse: even php has reedeeming qualities while mysql is just useless disfunctional garbage.


I hope you don’t. I know you don’t care about people on shared hosts but I bet there are a bunch of people like me who has been able to quietly use tt-rss on a shared host (Dreamhost) without much difficulty. In rare cases after a ‘git pull’ I have to make some change; recently I had to add ‘-d extension=fileinfo.so’ to the feed update cron job.

I can run a small VPS to have Postgres but appreciate not having to spend additional time sysadmining (plus the additional expense).


don’t worry about it. like many other things dropping mysql remains an impossible dream. nice to think about every once in a while but we all know it won’t happen.


Whew… Not that I think MySQL is great, but because so many other things I run need it (and don’t support PostgreSQL).

Personally, the one thing I would really like to see a responsive design on the front end. But I think that would be a significant undertaking considering it’s not just making things wrap properly but also re-working the UI (since keyboard shortcuts and mouse right-clicking don’t really work on a touch interface).


main UI is too complex and terse for mobile devices anyway, client app or a mobile web version (of which there’s several i think made by other people) is a better idea imo.


I agree. It’s just wishful thinking on my part.

I wrote a plugin for a streamlined mobile version using Bootstrap that I use on my iPhone and iPad. Very minimal UI though (pretty much just feeds and articles with the option to mark read, starred or published).


Well Dojo 2 is on it’s way which I guess does support responsiveness.
Then again I can’t tell how difficult porting ttrss to dojo 2 would be.


same (really slow ULV celeron) machine, same plugins, same feeds, all feed data is cached:

Processed 41 feeds in 64.7292 (sec), 1.5788 (sec/feed avg)

Processed 41 feeds in 18.0595 (sec), 0.4405 (sec/feed avg)

let’s take a guess where is mysql



Yeah… Was going to throw out a funny quip, but I got nothing.