Cron job - no dash allowed


My host (000webhost) seems to block dashes/minus amongst others at their cron job mask and update.php without any parameters doesn’t work (obviously).

I could probably edit the update.php to always assume --feeds —quiet as parameters but I would rather not mess up with the standard code because of updates.

Any other ideas exept deamons or external cron jobs?


Create a shell script that doesn’t require parameters but does call update.php with parameters, then point your cron job to the shell script. Something like…

/path/to/tt-rss/update.php --feeds --quiet


Well, now it works with public.php?op=globalUpdateFeeds&daemon=1 (as a hoster cron job) so I don’t need to fiddle around anymore. :slight_smile:

Maybe a performance disadvantage?

Thanks for the idea. Maybe I need it one day.