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Create_published_article doesn't update the tsvector_combined


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The manually saved articles are not searchable.

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It seems that create_published_article doesn’t update the tsvector_combined. I wonder if copying the code from rssutils.php to article.php would work.

I there anything more that I should pay attention to?


It seems to be working. Here is what I have added:

if (DB_TYPE == "pgsql"){
					$sth = $pdo->prepare("UPDATE ttrss_entries
					SET tsvector_combined = to_tsvector( :ts_content)
					WHERE id = :id");
					$params = [
						":ts_content" => mb_substr(strip_tags($content ), 0, 900000),
						":id" => $ref_id];

But I still wonder if I am not doing it properly.


this seems fine, it would be great if you made a PR with this. you’ll need to register on gogs, etc.


I seems that I can not fork on gogs. It says that the upper limit of the number of my repos is zero.
Can you help me commit the code directly?

Also, do you think it is good to add a rebuild index feature that fetches all the articles in the database and update the “tsvector_combined” and maybe also sphinx?


there’s one already in update.php but it’s currently hardcoded to English language, i think.


if your account name is the same as here, you should be able to fork things now.


i made a PR with this.