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Content of the page is replaced by "Loading..."



Since some time I don’t get the content of a specific feed anymore (a Redmine activity feed), but a message saying “Loading…” instead. Interestingly, the page showing the message also contains the footer of the Redmine page. When I open the page, it contains the expected content. Also, when displaying the feed content in Firefox, I see the page content and no “Loading…” message. Thus I’m wondering where this message is coming from and why it is replacing the content.
Unfortunately, I don’t get a grip on that problem. Any advice on what could be the problem or at least how to dig a little deeper are appreciated.


can you post a screenshot?

Thus I’m wondering where this message is coming from and why it is replacing the content.

most likely you have some kind of readability plugin enabled


In deed, I have the af_readability plugin enabled. After disabling and reenabling it, I can’t reproduce the “Loading…” message anymore to make a screenshot.

So, thanks for solving my problem. However, a little unsatisfactory, as the real reason keeps unknown.


Huh, this was a little fast. I got the message again, also with and without af_readability enabled.

  1. readability doesn’t work on each and every one website, that’s just how it is.
  2. without readability tt-rss shows whatever is in the feed, you can use myfeedsuck to see exactly what tt-rss sees.


Well, myfeedsuck shows the content:

whereas tt-rss shows the loading message. However, when I now open the article, it also shows the content. It seems that this problem only occurs on new articles.


Just for the records: Since my last post 28 days ago, the loading message didn’t appear anymore. I don’t know what fixed the problem. Perhaps it was the reload of the readability plugin. Whatever, the problem is gone. Thanks to @fox for the support.