Compatibility with php 7.2


I tried PHP 7.2 RC5 (Yeah, I know it’s a RC) with TT-RSS. I got the following message:

FEED_CRYPT_KEY requires mcrypt functions which are not found.
TT-RSS version: v17.4 (8569b95)

After reading a bit, I see that mcrypt is deprecated since PHP 7.1 and was removed with 7.2
So my question is, is there a quick hotfix for this? Or will it take some more time?



unless you have feeds with actual http auth passwords just comment this out and ignore


This works for me, Thank you!


please do this in the branch
now TT-RSS is not compatible with PHP 7.2+


what are you talking about?


Could you please fix this upstream to make ttrss compatible with PHP 7.2+?


fix what exactly? think carefully before you post, i’m starting to get tired of this meaningless shitposting itt



define('FEED_CRYPT_KEY', '');

in your config.php. Walk away, you’re 7.2 compatible. YMMV.