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Compact headlines in web page


I´m sure this is something that was asked previously, hoewever, I do not seem to be able to find any article or thread about it.

I just installed TT-RSS on a VPS server I created today. I like it, and I will go further in setting up other properties of Apache. I really like it, and there is something that I cannot seem to find. I am looking for a configuration option and/or plugin so that I can have, for a given RS feed, or as a global configuration, an option to only see the headlines of articles, in one-liners. With over 60 feeds to read daily, going through a compact list of headlines will speed up the reading of all those articles I get listed everyday (over 450).

How can I enable such display mode ?

Thank You :slight_smile:


I think what you want is, in Preferences:

  • uncheck Automatically expand articles in combined mode
  • check Combined feed display.


Hello, thanks for the help.:wink:

Still it would be better if we had a feed-specific option for this.
Or an option such as “thumbnail+fist few lines”, which looks like Feedly’s “magazine view”.


it’s easy enough to switch with hotkeys so i don’t really see the point in additional complexity there