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Combined (unexpanded) mode has to go


It’s working now.


alright guys

report all issues, etc

it’s really sad how i can’t ever remove anything


We love you @fox!!! :crazy_face:


I was afraid this was going to ruin my experience. I made a note of the last commit before all this went down. Then I did a git pull, clicked Reload in my browser, and prepared myself for the worst.

And absolutely nothing changed.

So I have a feeling I wasn’t using this feature and I won’t miss it.



either that or you managed to update after it was re-added back :slight_smile:


How do I enable it? In prefs I only see “Combined feed display”, but no option to disable expanded view. Am I missing something?


f c toggles between expanded/unexpanded


Working now, thanks for bringing this back!


I am running 78780c9c08cde4b7e7ee44efa29fa5c19a918040
Now clicking on link inside post does nothing, except marking the article read.
Ctrl+click does not work.

At the moment I can only right click on the link, copy the url and pasting it in a different tab.

I am using Chrome 70.0.3538.110

Tried to refresh, log out and back in, but it does not change behaviour.


yeah it’s a small bug, should be fixed in trunk now


Yep. It’s back to normal now.


At present on on commit b572295 . Using in chromium-browser, incognito mode and other browsers as well, now the following issue…

Previously, right-clicking on an article headline, then clicking ‘Open Original Article’ in the context menu would open the article in a new browser tab and mark the clicked article ‘read’.

This isn’t happening anymore (the marking ‘read’ part). Usually configured in Preferences as ‘Combined feed display’, but now regardless of config, articles are not being mark ‘read’ when right-clicking, etc. as described above.

Is this intended?

Impending doom part 2: Objects

i’ll take a look when i’m done with current stuff, thanks for reporting

e: fixed on staging branch


Now, when selecting a new feed or category the first article is automatically selected and thus marked-as-read.
Can this be fixed ?


this is already fixed in staging, just wait until it is merged

here’s the actual fix if you don’t want to wait - https://git.tt-rss.org/fox/tt-rss/commit/6c110c1ceb0323ca31a1e914586e9d4e2d5ed17a


It seems article content preview is missing from the row header in CDM, although not in the default mode. I can take a look a bit later, if you don’t get to it first.


yes, this i’m afraid is not currently a thing.

like i said, this went back with absolute minimum of code specific to the mode.

e: this is back but on the staging branch atm


I don’t know if this is viable, but I had a simple idea that might be “easy” to implement and is fairly close to Combined Unexpanded mode.

In unexpanded mode, could a single keyboard shortcut be used to open and close the content pane? This would be similar to how articles are expanded/collapsed in combined unexpanded mode, with the only difference being that the content appears beneath the article list rather than inline.

More specifically, instead of automatically displaying content when articles are selected and using ‘a q’ to close the pane, the spacebar or return key, for example, would manually toggle these 2 functions.


unless i’m missing something you’re describing three panel mode?


I may indeed be confused. Yes, I am referring to 3-panel mode. Sorry, I didn’t know the name of it.

If people could navigate the article list in 3-panel mode without triggering the article content panel, and instead only manually open the article content panel when they want to (they can already close it), the result is very close to combined unexpanded mode for all practical purposes.

I apologize if the above can already be done, but I cannot find the kybd shortcuts for the following 2 actions which would be required:

  • navigate the article list without opening the content panel
  • manually open the content panel. The content panel can be closed through the ‘aq’ shortcut, but it seems that the only way to reopen it is to navigate away and then back to the article.

It may be a problem with my installation as I see shortcuts in the list which seem like they might perform these actions, but I cannot get them to work.