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Combined (unexpanded) mode has to go


marking article as read when selected via keyboard should be fixed in trunk now
not sure about that next feed thing, but it’s probably related

e: the silver lining of this round of refactoring is some nice performance improvements, unless chrome profiler lies to me


The marking article read thing seems to be working now.

Still seems to be losing focus when switching to a new feed though, have to click or scroll back in the article panel to get the keys to work.


that’s likely feed tree eating focus, this has been a recurring thing for years :frowning:


Hrm, yes, that becomes more clearly visible in the night theme. You click shift + n to go to the next feed, and you see focus jump over to the next feed in the feed tree, then doesn’t return to the articles panel.


the next feed is “on catchup show next right”? i’m not sure tbh how this works right now because it’s limited to scroll handler so it’s probably not very reliable when working via keyboard.


alright, this seems like a different tiny issue, related to the removal of suddenly beloved unexpanded mode, should be fixed in trunk

e: there’s some unnecessarily convoluted code here which kinda needs looking at tbh


This seems to be working as I would expect now. Thanks as always!


it’s not completely fixed (some styles are not applied properly) but it’s good enough for now i think

like i said the whole unread/active/etc handling is stupidly complicated now, instead of adding even more hacks on top i’ll try to rework the whole thing instead, so it might be some time before this all works as intended


Well, crap. Of course I’m one of the poor saps using and loving combined mode for years. :roll_eyes:

I hate having to adjust to the new, hip style of things … You kids get off of my lawn … :joy:


/me is basking in this (mild) OUTRAGE

btw i’m aware of some minor cosmetic issues with headlines right now (in three panel mode at least), still figuring out how to unfuck that particular bunch of code, progress is kinda slow-ish


How much of a donation would be required to get combined (unexpanded) back in trunk? :smile:


if i’ll figure out how to add it back in an unfucked way, i’ll add it back
i promise to think about it after this round of cleaning up is done


Just made a donation via Paypal. Thanks, Fox!


why thanks!

taking stuff from people and promising to maybe add it back is profitable?

(evil grin)


LOL. Meh, if you can make it work, cool. If not, I’ve still used tt-rss for YEARS so it was high time. :+1:


yeah, this already works on my private branch
just wait a bit, the suffering will be over soon

there’s btw some minor behavior changes: i’ve removed the long standing annoyance i had with how article active state clashed with selected state, so those are now separate; to make sure hotkeys like “u” work as expected active article is considered a honorary member of the selection

my current refactoring efforts in that area involve a metric assload of commented-out horrible code


Ok thanks!

/20 chars


first stage of the great headlines refactoring is here:

report all issues itt, i guess


I just updated via git.

Left clicking on the title marks the article read. Earlier it opened the article’s url.
Now I have to “ctrl+left click” if I want to visit the original website.

Not sure if it is an intended behaviuor


combined or normal mode?

e: combined, right, gonna fix this in the next changeset