Collapsing Special Category by Default?


How can the Special category containing All, Fresh, etc. be collapsed by default?
I was able to change the default feed by changing line 194 in feedlist.js. I also found that created category collapse selections are kept in the DB but not the special category.


the state is managed by dijit tree and is kept in a cookie, the database field is not used anymore.


Thanks for clarifying. Could you point me to the file I would need to edit to change the special category? I’m not sure what I want to do yet but I would like to either remove or hide it until its needed.


I’d also like to have ‘Special’ collapsed by default. Its never a part of my work flow, and is the first thing I touch (collapse) when I load the web interface.


unless you clear cookies like a paranoid baby tree state persists even between logins so you have to do this literally once for your ~le bespoke artisanal workflow~

not adding special snowflake options has been my policy since forever, this is a bona fide case of exactly that


No one was asking you to add anything.

The only request was for a pointer to the file needed to change the special category.


that’s pretty much the same thing, only

  1. not in trunk
  2. for literally two special snowflake boys
  3. they get to whine here when they inevitably fuck things up by editing files they don’t understand

no thanks

also i’m still not sure why “clicking on a thing once” is not good enough but i’m not even going to ask because the answer is most certainly “autism”


No need to be pissy m8


Sorry that your life is so empty that you need to launch infantile attacks on people here.

Thanks for absolutely nothing.


well, you see telling people who ask for stupid things to gtfo is my preferred ~workflow~, therefore

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While not quite what you are asking, you can use the “Customize stylesheet” setting to completely hide them. I am not sure if there is also a way to use that to auto collapse them.

/* #dijit__TreeNode_1 { display: none; } */  /* ALL special feeds */
/* #dijit__TreeNode_2 { display: none; } */  /* All articles */
#dijit__TreeNode_3 { display: none; }  /* Fresh articles */
/* #dijit__TreeNode_4 { display: none; } */  /* Starred articles */
/* #dijit__TreeNode_5 { display: none; } */  /* Published articles */
#dijit__TreeNode_6 { display: none; }  /* Archived articles */
#dijit__TreeNode_7 { display: none; }  /* Recently Read articles */

Regarding cookies and ttrss, I find the cookies pretty flaky. I resize my feed sidebar all the time, because the resize seems to not be remembered at random intervals.


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