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Change on Tumblr: RSS feeds not working


can confirm that Loewi’s ua options are working for me. Thank you very much well deserved :heart_decoration:


Let’s see how long they’ll work.


Yes, lets see. Thank you very much for finding these (for now) working UAs!


Hi. Just to be sure, can someone confirm that the two Loewi’s UA are still working ?

I tried it and didn’t succeded.


I can confirm it’s still working for me with UA:

facebookexternalhit/1.0 (+http://www.facebook.com/externalhit_uatext.php)

Which plugin are you using?
What do you get when you try to debug the feed?


I was trying to access the tumblr blog and changing the user agent with a firefox addon.

But it seems I made a mistake, I should have tried to access the rss feed url and not the blog directly.

TT-RSS was able to access the tumblr feeds today, so it works with the facebook UA !


is the “(+http…” part also required or does ‘facebookexternalhit/1.0’ alone work as UA?


Yes, that part is also required.It is part of the UA. It may work without but I didn’t check.