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Change on Tumblr: RSS feeds not working



Sorry, but they can’t even keep their own website up, so their reliability seems suspect.


https://downforeveryoneorjustme.com/fastvps.ru :thinking:

not that this was an endorsement anyway

e: i’m using their Estonia-based offering for similar enough reasons.


@Arvedui Installed your plugin and activated it in ttrss settings but all my Tumblr feeds are still broken ! Am I supposed to do something specific or will it fix all tumblr feeds at next cron refresh in TT ?


Unfortunately my plugin broke due to the changes made by tumblr two days ago. I won’t fix it because I want do avoid duplicate effort.

I would gladly help @GregThib fixing his though, if he needs any.


Thanks, will wait then that @GregThib found how to fix his plugin :wink:


For what it’s worth, my hacky workaround using cookies still works, and it’s free:

It’s not as seamless and easy and safe, but it works…?


I tried to use @GregThib 's plugin as well. Didn’t work (as expected). I tried to dig through the tumblr privacy consent site. But they really did a good job in obfuscating stuff.

Was somebody able to manually agree to the privacy settings using curl? I mean, recently, after they changed the site again (this change broke the existing plugins)?


I sent a pull request which makes the plugin work again:


Hey, Hi everybody.
Come back from a long week-end, I’ll take a look at @pdewacht PR soon, and modify to reflect changes.
Thank a lot @pdewacht for your effort. Great community work.



Merged fix from @pdewacht. Work again ! Enjoy.


inb4 they put recaptcha there


Estonia is in the EU so it must also abide by the GDPR.


yeah i’m not using it because of GDPR, wink wink, etc


Hi, Greg,
I install last version of plugin on last version of tt-rss (v17.12 (6361643)) and nothing work. For example this feed http://lewd-zko.tumblr.com/rss. If I try to manual fetch feed with debug I get a lot parsing errors. Is this problem with my tt-rss installation?


Does not work for me either, I have no idea what the problem is tough.


All of you experiencing trouble: you are also contacting tumblr, right? Because nothing short of user complaints will motivate change on their end, which would be the real fix.


FWIW the updated plugin works for me just fine. Thanks for stepping up guys.


With the last version of plugin, you should see debuging from it with the debug option of the daemon.
Example :

4) 00:27:19 $ /**obf**/php56 /**obf**/web/tt-rss/update.php --debug-feed 39
[22:27:39/11466] Lock: update.lock
[22:27:39/11466] start
[22:27:39/11466] Tumblr_GDPR: start
[22:27:39/11466] Tumblr_GDPR: form_key=!1231527546459|0MV9mqvChpDeUqstlbd2sSld64o
[22:27:41/11466] Tumblr_GDPR: cookie=pfg=6b0c3a866657c4edde24015232fdd1...; expires=Tue, 28 May-2019 22:27:41 GMT; Max-Age=31536000; path=/; domain=.tumblr.com; HttpOnly
[22:27:41/11466] Tumblr_GDPR: http_code=200
[22:27:41/11466] local cache will not be used for this feed
[22:27:41/11466] language: english
[22:27:41/11466] processing feed data...
[22:27:41/11466] site_url: http://lizclimo.tumblr.com/
[22:27:41/11466] feed_title: Hi, I m Liz
[22:27:41/11466] loading filters & labels...
[22:27:41/11466] 0 filters loaded.
[22:27:41/11466] processing articles...
[22:27:41/11466] guid 2,http://lizclimo.tumblr.com/post/174250486929 / SHA1:ebd73ba0b135486f509d18327d98388a6fd51f42

Could you copy & paste your debug information ?

To be sure, have you :

  • installed the plugin into plugins.local/tumblr_gdpr/init.php ?
  • activated it in prefs or in config.php ?
  • optionally added some domains (not in .tumblr.com form) in new pane prefs ?
  • EDIT: are you sure to have curl (>= 7.10) installed and used by you php enviro ?


Same thing: can you copy’n’paste debugging information from daemon ?
(last plugin version needed)


The update works for me.

I’ve submitted a support ticket with tumblr, will report back if I get a sensible answer.