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Change on Tumblr: RSS feeds not working


I hacked together a small shell script which accepts the stupid GDPR page, stores the cookie and fetches the feed afterwards. Works for me™

#!/usr/bin/env bash

DIR="$(dirname $0)"

# Base URL

# URL and payload for GDPR consent
CONSENT_PAYLOAD="{ \"eu_resident\": true, \"gdpr_consent_core\": true, \"redirect_to\": \"${FEED_URL}\" }"

# Mhhhh, cookies

# Output file for the fetched feed

curl --silent --cookie ${COOKIE_JAR} --cookie-jar ${COOKIE_JAR} \
    --request POST --header "Content-Type: application/json" \
    --data "${CONSENT_PAYLOAD}" "${CONSENT_URL}" --output /dev/null

echo "Getting feed"
curl --silent --location "${FEED_URL}" --cookie ${COOKIE_JAR} --cookie-jar ${COOKIE_JAR} --output ${OUTPUT_FILE}



Rather than hacking the core, do one of two things:

  1. What fox suggested and just pay a few dollars a year for a cheap VPS somewhere outside Europe to proxy requests.
  2. Write a plugin to hook FETCH_FEED and handle the cookie thing for you. You could even add a section the to Edit Feed dialogue that would allow you to update the cookie string as needed from the web UI.

Either are way better and more long-term solutions than messaging with core functions.

  1. contact tumblr and explain that automatic systems that access RSS feeds are not EU citizens, are not covered by GDPR protections, and shouldn’t accept consent screens not designed for them

i mean at least fucking filter shit out by user agent, christ, aaargh, you terminal cases of CYA syndrome


Sure, but I was in a hurry: I managed two TTRSS with 250 users each and I didn’t want to wait too much, otherwise I sure would have had messages from users. I think it’s better to have a working quick-and-dirty patch than nothing.

Note that I posted it here only to help people before we could found a proper way to make it work or Tumblr stops making shit (I know my patch is dirty, that’s why I didn’t even suggested a merge request).


It would be really nice if someone managed to make a plugin out your code.


I barfed up this. It seems to work for me, but I’m not a php guy so the code might be hideous.


looks good to me, nicely done


I wanted to use your plugin, but I can’t subscribe to feeds.
Maybe this only works with old feeds and subscribing to new ones needs another hook?


I done a plugin too.
I hope Tumblr will correct this crap.

Notes (improvement later, if Tumblr still s**t on european citienz): this plugin:

  • don’t use vanilla cache
  • don’t store cookies
  • don’t permit modification via prefs_tab
  • use Proxy & some TT-RSS settings



Seems to work for me! Thank you.

Any reason your and Arvedui’s plugin cannot merge into one? Just trying to avoid a plethora of plugins with similar names…


No reasons for that. It seems we done that work at the same time.
The idea is the same, but I just tried to respect tt-rss way of doing fetch.
Plus, I hooked SUBSCRIBE & BASICINFO callbacks.

But I hope it’s a matter of a week or two, time to Tumblr to learn how works machines.


GDPR Plugin for Tumblr

Changed : added a pref tabs to add manually Tumblr with URL not of the *.tumblr.com form


Well i’d say just use GregThibs plugin, as it works for new subscriptions. I do not plan to continue development on mine. I will probably add a note informing about that to my repo soon.

@GregThib you might want do look at this PR and add that to you plugin in some way.


Thanks @Arvedui & @GregThib :slightly_smiling_face:


Hmmm, intersting. I added it, but with a limitation on cURL version (option not available before 7.10.8)
Thanks a lot !


Thank you very much for your plugins!

Curiously the plugin from @Arvedui is working for me, but the plugin from @GregThib not. I try to find the cause in the next days (too busy today). But anyway: Thank you for all this work!



When have you downloaded the plugin ? Because I made some bug resolutions in the evening yesterday (livin’ in France)
I’m really intersting about more information.
(did you see the preference tab in the configuration panel ?)


I downloaded the plugin today some hours before making the post. Should be early morning in France.

I see the preference tab in the configuration panel. Tried it with leaving it empty (as all my feeds have the standard adress *.tumblr.com), but also tried with saving some Tumblr-Blog-URLs there like “foo.tumblr.com”.

Adding new feeds was working, but they have not been loaded (the same behaviour / error like without any plugin since the GDPR page). Already existing feeds have not been updated and showing the same error.

If you need more informations, I try to provide them!


Righto. Thank you for your work nonetheless!


I would just like to thank @Arvedui and @GregThib for their work on their plugins, and add that GregThib’s plugin (cloned a few minutes ago) does work for me for fetching existing feeds. (I have not tried subscribing to new tumblr feeds)

Also, the configuration panel works perfectly on my end. I’m subscribed to quite a few tumblr feeds served from non-tumblr domains.