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yeah people buying shit like alexa is unimaginable to me. and yet they do.


There’s no way I’d let Alexa into my home. Someone asked me if I wanted Google’s smart speaker as a gift. I politely declined.

Google is already everywhere: browser, DNS, API and font CDNs, email, search, analytics… the list goes on. It’s no wonder they know what we’re going to search before we do. Amazon is just as bad.

Mozilla gives me the impression they missed the boat and are trying to play catch up by any means necessary. It’s a shame, too. There was a lot of potential with them. I didn’t realize their privacy practices were getting so bad though.

“Kids” these days don’t seem to care though. They’re happy to trade all the details of their lives for “features”… sometimes even paying for the privilege. I’m a luddite by comparison. :man_shrugging:


The mind does boggle doesn’t it?


All this talk to privacy made me think that we could have a topic about it here. We could share the tools we use? … Good idea? Bad idea?

@fox Is there a category where we could do this in or is this so far off topic that we might as well not bother?…


isn’t there a general offtopic subforum? if not i’ll add it

e: https://discourse.tt-rss.org/c/everything-else

e2: there’s also uncategorized i guess


Could not see it. Thanks for creating it.