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Bug: vf_shared shows all new posts?


Maybe a bug?
When using vf_shared in the backend everything is fine. But when generating the rss-feed-url and watch it, the output has nothing to do with what i´ve in the backend: title is “-130”, the show feeditem seemed to be the newst one (but not the shared one).



yep, looks like syndication is not currently supported for virtual feeds

(it is now: https://git.tt-rss.org/fox/tt-rss/commit/253dbd48562f0742befe0335278c4e26ac313efe)

e: regardless of the actual issue, why would you want to syndicate articles shared by URL in bulk? the idea for this plugin was visualizing shared data to user so it could be easily unshared or managed otherwise.

for general syndication to the outside world there’s published feed, which requires less clicks and database overhead.

if this is related to your previous thread than you won’t be able to use vf_shared without modifications to provide a common shared / published feed for all users on the instance, it’s still user-specific by default.

if you’re just replacing published feed with vf_shared than you’re not really gaining anything, except for unused article-specific private access URLs.