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Bookmarklet issue


Hi all,

I seem to be having some issue with the bookmarklet plugin. After clicking the “Share with Tiny Tiny RSS” button, the popup window populates with the information of the page I want to save and everything is fine. But upon clicking “Share”, the popup goes blank and the shared link does not appear in my published feed.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Please read this before posting.

It would be great to enable your browser’s inspector before submitting the share form and report back the server’s response.

Also check PHP and web server logs. Check TT-RSS logs by logging in as the admin, going to Preferences and clicking the log tab.


Thank you.

Apache logs indicate the following:
[Sat Feb 10 23:53:54.010328 2018] [:error] [pid 63698] [client xx.xx.xx.xx:xxx] PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function filter_var() in /usr/local/www/tt-rss/classes/article.php on line 123

The aforementioned article.php on line 123 indicates the following:
if (filter_var($url, FILTER_VALIDATE_URL) === FALSE) return false;

For your reference, my config.php is as follows

        define('DB_TYPE', 'mysql');
        define('DB_HOST', '');
        define('DB_USER', 'redacted');
        define('DB_NAME', 'redacted');
        define('DB_PASS', 'redacted');
        define('DB_PORT', 'redacted');

        define('MYSQL_CHARSET', 'UTF8');

        define('SELF_URL_PATH', 'https://example.com/');

        define('_SKIP_SELF_URL_PATH_CHECKS', true);

        define('FEED_CRYPT_KEY', '');
        // WARNING: mcrypt is deprecated in php 7.1. This directive exists for backwards
        // compatibility with existing installs, new passwords are NOT going to be encrypted.
        // Use update.php --decrypt-feeds to decrypt existing passwords in the database while
        // mcrypt is still available.

        // Key used for encryption of passwords for password-protected feeds
        // in the database. A string of 24 random characters. If left blank, encryption
        // is not used. Requires mcrypt functions.
        // Warning: changing this key will make your stored feed passwords impossible
        // to decrypt.

        define('SINGLE_USER_MODE', false);
        // Operate in single user mode, disables all functionality related to
        // multiple users and authentication. Enabling this assumes you have
        // your tt-rss directory protected by other means (e.g. http auth).

        define('SIMPLE_UPDATE_MODE', false);
        // Enables fallback update mode where tt-rss tries to update feeds in
        // background while tt-rss is open in your browser.
        // If you don't have a lot of feeds and don't want to or can't run
        // background processes while not running tt-rss, this method is generally
        // viable to keep your feeds up to date.
        // Still, there are more robust (and recommended) updating methods
        // available, you can read about them here: http://tt-rss.org/wiki/UpdatingFeeds

        // *****************************
        // *** Files and directories ***
        // *****************************

        define('PHP_EXECUTABLE', '/usr/bin/php');
        // Path to PHP *COMMAND LINE* executable, used for various command-line tt-rss
        // programs and update daemon. Do not try to use CGI binary here, it won't work.
        // If you see HTTP headers being displayed while running tt-rss scripts,
        // then most probably you are using the CGI binary. If you are unsure what to
        // put in here, ask your hosting provider.

        define('LOCK_DIRECTORY', 'lock');
        // Directory for lockfiles, must be writable to the user you run
        // daemon process or cronjobs under.

        define('CACHE_DIR', 'cache');
        // Local cache directory for RSS feed content.

        define('ICONS_DIR', "feed-icons");
        define('ICONS_URL', "feed-icons");
        // Local and URL path to the directory, where feed favicons are stored.
        // Unless you really know what you're doing, please keep those relative
        // to tt-rss main directory.

        // **********************
        // *** Authentication ***
        // **********************

        // Please see PLUGINS below to configure various authentication modules.

        define('AUTH_AUTO_CREATE', true);
        // Allow authentication modules to auto-create users in tt-rss internal
        // database when authenticated successfully.

        define('AUTH_AUTO_LOGIN', true);
        // Automatically login user on remote or other kind of externally supplied
        // authentication, otherwise redirect to login form as normal.
        // If set to true, users won't be able to set application language
        // and settings profile.

        // *********************
        // *** Feed settings ***
        // *********************

        define('FORCE_ARTICLE_PURGE', 0);
        // When this option is not 0, users ability to control feed purging
        // intervals is disabled and all articles (which are not starred)
        // older than this amount of days are purged.

        // ****************************
        // *** Sphinx search plugin ***
        // ****************************

        define('SPHINX_SERVER', 'localhost:9312');
        // Hostname:port combination for the Sphinx server.

        define('SPHINX_INDEX', 'ttrss, delta');
        // Index name in Sphinx configuration. You can specify multiple indexes
        // as a comma-separated string.
        // Example configuration files are available on tt-rss wiki.

        // ***********************************
        // *** Self-registrations by users ***
        // ***********************************

        define('ENABLE_REGISTRATION', false);
        // Allow users to register themselves. Please be aware that allowing
        // random people to access your tt-rss installation is a security risk
        // and potentially might lead to data loss or server exploit. Disabled
        // by default.

        define('REG_NOTIFY_ADDRESS', '[email protected]');
        // Email address to send new user notifications to.

        define('REG_MAX_USERS', 10);
        // Maximum amount of users which will be allowed to register on this
        // system. 0 - no limit.

        // **********************************
        // *** Cookies and login sessions ***
        // **********************************

        define('SESSION_COOKIE_LIFETIME', 86400);
        // Default lifetime of a session (e.g. login) cookie. In seconds,
        // 0 means cookie will be deleted when browser closes.

        // *********************************
        // *** Email and digest settings ***
        // *********************************

        define('SMTP_FROM_NAME', 'Tiny Tiny RSS');
        define('SMTP_FROM_ADDRESS', 'redacted');
        // Name, address and subject for sending outgoing mail. This applies
        // to password reset notifications, digest emails and any other mail.

        define('DIGEST_SUBJECT', '[tt-rss] New headlines for last 24 hours');
        // Subject line for email digests

        define('SMTP_SERVER', '');
        // Hostname:port combination to send outgoing mail (i.e. localhost:25).
        // Blank - use system MTA.

        define('SMTP_LOGIN', '');
        define('SMTP_PASSWORD', '');
        // These two options enable SMTP authentication when sending
        // outgoing mail. Only used with SMTP_SERVER.

        define('SMTP_SECURE', '');
        // Used to select a secure SMTP connection. Allowed values: ssl, tls,
        // or empty.

        // ***************************************
        // *** Other settings (less important) ***
        // ***************************************

        define('CHECK_FOR_UPDATES', true);
        // Check for updates automatically if running Git version

        define('ENABLE_GZIP_OUTPUT', false);
        // Selectively gzip output to improve wire performance. This requires
        // PHP Zlib extension on the server.
        // Enabling this can break tt-rss in several httpd/php configurations,
        // if you experience weird errors and tt-rss failing to start, blank pages
        // after login, or content encoding errors, disable it.

        define('PLUGINS', 'auth_internal, note');
        // Comma-separated list of plugins to load automatically for all users.
        // System plugins have to be specified here. Please enable at least one
        // authentication plugin here (auth_*).
        // Users may enable other user plugins from Preferences/Plugins but may not
        // disable plugins specified in this list.
        // Disabling auth_internal in this list would automatically disable
        // reset password link on the login form.

        define('LOG_DESTINATION', 'sql');
        // Log destination to use. Possible values: sql (uses internal logging
        // you can read in Preferences -> System), syslog - logs to system log.
        // Setting this to blank uses PHP logging (usually to http server
        // error.log).

        define('CONFIG_VERSION', 26);
        // Expected config version. Please update this option in config.php
        // if necessary (after migrating all new options from this file).

        // vim:ft=php


might want to investigate that, this is part of php standard library

also post php and tt-rss versions


If you could provide us with your distro (Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, etc.) and version, that would be helpful as well.


Tiny Tiny RSS v17.4 (8569b95)
PHP 5.6.33 (cli) (built: Jan 25 2018 01:12:31)



it’s something that you could’ve done before creating this thread you know


Thank you for your help!

installing php56-filter solved it!