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Base64 images unsupported


When a website insert images as base64, tiny tiny RSS handle them as a path and get 404 error instead of showing the actual image.
Is it a known problem?


you’re right there’s no special handling for data: scheme, should be an easy fix if someone bothers to file a PR

otherwise i’ll make a note to take a look at this sometime later


that would be great, thanks !
(my own webserver has a lot of 404 logged from ttrss users, that’s how I saw this)


Is there a feed URL that you can share? I set up a test feed with a base64-encoded image and it seems to work as expected.


of course, here you go :

It contains 1x1 transparent gifs, supposed to be replaced by the browser via javascript as the reader scrolls, so you won’t “see” any images except the 1px ones.


Looks like a problem with the website’s feed generation. There is a https://yeuxdelibad.net/Blog/ prefix for the “data:” URIs. For example:

<img src="https://yeuxdelibad.net/Blog/" alt="ipv6 ready" title="ipv6 ready" border="0" data-echo="/Blog/img/15/button-ipv6-small.png" class="lazy-load">


You’re right, I am the one who must fix something now. Thanks.


where do you get this code?
In the generated RSS, I don’t have base64 : view-source:https://yeuxdelibad.net/Blog/feed.php


i don’t see any base64 images in that feed atm

also if i remember correctly only urls starting with “/” are normalized so i don’t see why special handling for base64 should be needed in the first place

in fact there’s even an exception for feed: and such type urls in there


The example above was copied directly from the feed yesterday. It appears to have been replaced with:

<img src='/Blog/img/15/button-ipv6-small.png' alt='ipv6 ready' title='ipv6 ready' border='0' />

So I assume you, or someone else, made a change.


weird, I didn’t change anything :thinking: