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Auto-updating feeds on Synology


FIXED: Just setup TT-RSS on my synology. Got the program up and running, and am updating feeds. I had one issue in that I didn’t enable the mysqli extension in PHP 5.6 but that’s been fixed.

The update process, however, is horribly slow. It took over 2 minutes to update the TT-RSS forum feed, which should be simple. Anything I can do to speed this up?


no amount of forum rules or regulations is going to stop ze germans from posting about their beloved synologies

new topic template is the maginot line of this doomed metaphor etc


Not sure if this is some inside-forum joke, but I didn’t see anything suggesting my topic was improper. And, if it makes a difference, I’m not German.


You’re posting in Support while running on an unsupported platform.

Please read the FAQs, system requirements, etc. first.

Appliance boxes like Synology may be wonderful but they’re under-powered for the extra stuff manufacturers’ allow them to do so it’s not entirely surprising that updating feeds is somewhat slow.

e: Moved to unsupported.


get a real computer.