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Atom <published> vs RSS 2.0 <pubDate>


I already knew that and that’s irrelevant to the point here. RSS lacking an updated time stamp doesn’t give meaning to a comparison between updated and published timestamp. If it does, please show me how.

We’re specifically talking about the case when the user explicitly chooses to trust potentially incorrect feed data. We’re not talking about default sorting. If I choose to sort by feed dates, It should be consistent to minimize confusion. The result of comparing published and updated dates has no meaning.


good luck adding updated timestamp to RSS


Again irrelevant to what’s being discussed here. RSS lacking an updated time stamp doesn’t give meaning to a comparison between updated and published timestamp. If it does, please show me how.


ok i think we’re done here, this looks like bona fide autism

you’ve already changed feed parser to use your timestamps now kindly fuck off and stop bothering me


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i hope this mod sass was worth it :man_shrugging:


Where I’m confused is why you wouldn’t just use YouTube’s feed…


I use that for several of my feeds, and see no issues with videos receiving comments mucking up the order.


I hope you’re not waiting for an answer…


I published a wiki article that details the sorting. I tried to be thorough but clear.

If it’s not straightforward enough I can clarify.

Wiki: Sorting


I’ve actually found the times used by YouTube to be very flakey. For example, https://www.youtube.com/feeds/videos.xml?channel_id=UCEelHyC6ZdfNU8wLXsEa-sQ has a video posted on Nov 4, 2017 timestamped in TT-RSS as Nov 26, 2018 when it was last checked. I had never investigated the issue closely, but the feed’s published time is accurate. The video claims 2 comments with only one visible, yet the updated value keeps changing.

Since YouTube doesn’t make it clear there are RSS feeds, I’m not sure they care about their issue, and just resolved to ignore it since it’s minimally impacting. As feader pointed out, a plugin solves this if it really, really bothers someone. Just put the published value in updated and move along, unless you want to try to argue with YouTube to fix their shit.

Final Edit: I hate my post at this point, and since this is already a heated thread, I’m being overly cautious. Apologies for the moving target.


Your post is fine, I wouldn’t worry about it.

Not so much for the OP, but if others find this thread I would recommend against modifying the core. You can, but you’ll be forever maintaining a fork of TT-RSS (even if the above-mentioned file is rarely updated). I suggest using a plugin with either HOOK_FETCH_FEED, HOOK_FEED_FETCHED or HOOK_FEED_PARSED to modify the contents of the feed before TT-RSS works with it.


Why do you like reading things backwards?


very nice, thanks
i’ll link this in the FAQ


You hadn’t figured that out back at “impedance mismatch”?


well i thought this was a language issue :man_shrugging: but yeah kinda obvious


You mean you weren’t impressed by the big words?
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