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Assign user group (admin) from auth_ldap plugin


Hi there.

I’m currently trying to deploy Tiny Tiny RSS for my company, which use LDAP for most of its authentication stuff. Since a plugin exists for authenticate with LDAP in ttrss, I used it. It works great, but I did not find if it was possible to make ttrss grant admin privileges to users based on ldap groups (instead of using the default admin account).

I try to search the forum and grep the code to see where that could be already dealt with, but did not find any thing conclusive.
So, my question is, is it possible, or in the worst case, do you think it’s hard to implement ? I could probably take some time to patch it for our particular setup, though I don’t have a lot of PHP experience.

(And if it is indeed possible, is there documentation available for setting it up ?)

Thanks for your time.

P.S. : For the record, I run ttrss inside in a docker container (well, two, in fact) based on php:7.2-apache from Dockerhub, in an Openshift cluster. I have not yet encountered any unsolvable problems, and I don’t think it’s relevant for that subject, but like it’s not supported, I suppose I should precise it.


not against your post or anything but i think you’d have better luck asking the guy who wrote the above plugin directly, i.e. using github tickets.


Good advice ; I did just that.
Not sure if the author still maintain that repository though, but well, we’ll see ^.


I’m still here. Just haven’t needed to do much work on the code. I haven’t had problems and no one is reporting problems.

You enhancement request is the first I’ve see in a while.