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API Error when accessing TTRSS via iOS app?


Not sure it actually is an APi error, but basically I am getting an error when trying to Access my Tiny RSS server via anything else than the web Interface which works fine. The error presented is " Tiny RSS ecountered and error: Request failed: internal server error (500). API access is on in preferences.

Anyone have any idea what might be the error?


check your http server error logs


Can you share where i might find them?


You must be knew here if you expect an answer to this question.


Ok? Look I am a noob, so if I wonder I ask!


Which iOS app do you use ?


It’s called FieryFeeds


In fairness, you’ve provided next to nothing information-wise. Please review the following post for the type of information we’d like you to provide:


maybe you should stop hosting things on public internet until you’re capable of figuring out the answer to this incredibly basic question yourself or with some cursory googling

please try to understand that this forum isn’t /r/linux4noobs


Not seeing much “knew” with that one.


Thanks for that very helpful and nice comment, Fox.

Anyways, for those who might be a little more on the friendly side, I checked the log and found this:

2017-10-29T12:01:09+01:00 Diskstationn [Sun Oct 29 12:01:09 2017] [error] [client] FastCGI: server “/php56-fpm-handler” stderr: PHP message: PHP Fatal error: Cannot redeclare get_translations() (previously declared in /volume1/web/tt-rss/functions.php:28) in /volume1/web/tt-rss/include/functions.php on line 106



looks like you figured out where the logs are, if anything it’s a first step i guess. anyway, onward to the bad news:

  1. no such file (tt-rss base)/functions.php exists in the git repository and never did - you’re using some third party modified broken package
  2. on a synology NAS, lol
  3. all that while posting in Support whereas subforum rules have been literally posted itt right above

you know we can of course continue digging until we figure out what went wrong with your tt-rss install or alternatively i’m going to suspend you for a few months for wasting my time with your posting and openly ignoring this forum’ rules. hopefully by next spring you’ll either grow a few more brain cells or switch to a different rss reader, either way would work for me.

e: and don’t sign your posts


You must be the biggest cunt I have ever experienced on the internet. Get a fucking life. I am sure you have lots of friends.


imagine being this assblasted as to reregister to post your meltdown itt :+1: