Android: when are articles updated as read


Fox, I am using the Android client and have mark read on scrolling set. I am curious to know when you push the article status change to the server. I’ve seen cases where I am sure I’ve seen an article headline on the Android client but then later go to the Web version and the headline is still in the unread state. It is possible that in many of the cases, in the period between the use of the Android and Web client the feed and the article has been updated, but it is hard to tell. In on instance the time shown on the Web for the article would indicate that this isn’t the case.

I am on beta channel of the Android client. On the server i’m using postgres and git pull daily.


when you stop scrolling whatever was batched is sent up asynchronously, what you’re experiencing might happen because of either intermittent network issues i.e. http requests being lost or your server not processing them properly for whatever reason

my general suggestion for cases like this is not sperging too much over it because ultimately it doesn’t really matter