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[Android] rendering view extremely slow on tap


If article is huge (in case when site provides full article in description) when I tap to item in tt-rss android, it takes sometimes 10 second (and Android even shows popup that tt-rss does not respond).

But if I use hardware up/down buttons for switching, articles render pretty fast

Latest tt-rss app from f-droid


at least post feed and article where this happens



Full source using feediron


well, i’m not going to install feediron but with bundled readability content seems to embed fine anyway. i’m not seeing any issues on my device (redmi note 5 pro, android 8.1)

you haven’t specified anything about your device or android version so i’m not sure if i can help you further. if you can replicate this on an emulator or something, i’ll take another look.

e: disabling images in headlines might help, those seem rather large. maybe tt-rss should resize them.

alternatively, an api filter plugin which resizes images might help on android devices. hmmm.


moto z play, Android 8 if this may help


disable images in headlines first see if it helps
if it does, it’s very likely the transition between two fragments lagging out because image is huge

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