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Android: Offline mode crashes on viewing post


When selecting a post to read it in offline mode the application crashes. I can prove that this minimum since 1.242.

  • switch to offline mode
  • select a feed
  • then select a post


  • the post is rendered and can be read
  • the post is marked as read

actual behaviour:

  • the post is marked as read
  • application crashes

Lineage 14.1, Alien Dalvik (hey exotical: JollaC phone)


you’re kidding right?

e: in case this isn’t obvious i’m not even going to accept patches related to the above, let alone investigate anything, lmao


Hey, forget the Alien Dalvik (right - kidding). But the bug appears on Lineage 14.1 too (this is a real Nexus device)


i don’t really support custom firmware for obvious reasons but post adb logcat anyway

lol, found your jolla crash report

e: actually my bad, it’s not properly limited to API 21+ on offline, i’ll fix it

e2: done https://git.tt-rss.org/fox/tt-rss-android/commit/be0ba530b583e77906631172067a4d5c1dbcf1d0


Never mind :wink: and thanks for your efforts.


i’ve uploaded the fix as play store beta, f-droid is going to update tomorrow