[Android] Links are unreadable in dark mode


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When using dark theme in the Android app, links are hard to read because their foreground color is dar blue on a dark gray background.

If possible include steps to reproduce the problem:

Switch theme to dark.

tt-rss version (including git commit id):


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Would like to be able to select a link/accent/theme color manually.


Links look fine to me, a nice dark blue.

Do you have a screen shot of yours?


not going to happen i’m afraid


If the divice’s backlight is set to full it is not a problem. Otherwise when I dimm it to read at night or when I sit in bright sunlight the contrast is a bit too low.


i see what you mean, maybe they should be just a bit brighter

for the sunlight i personally use light theme, it’s way more visible (i remember google implementing day-night theme auto switch but unfortunately it was not compatible with the way tt-rss app does things, i think)

old color

new color

beta is going to be up soon


@fox Yeah, this looks much better. Thank you


Much better! Thanks!