Android client: new beta (467)


version code 466 (1.232) should be up soon. this comes with some big changes:

  1. app finally targets SDK 27
  2. all auxiliary libraries updated because of the above
  3. new library (icepick/bridge) combination is used for app persistence because of (which blocked the above transition entirely)

i’m interested primarily in crashes related to app going in/out of background state but any other comments are good too. there are no user visible functionality changes in this release, a lot of things could break though. :slight_smile:

big thanks to google play store policy updates which made me go through all this bullshit for no good reason. may they rot in hell, etcetera.


I’ve updated the client. One thing has changed - every time I open left menu the list of feeds is updated. Even if I closed the menu 3 seconds ago. It’s a bit annoying.

I’m using OnePlus 3T with Oreo.



yeah, i’ve noticed this too

e: fixed in trunk i think


Fox, have you pushed the fix yet? I am still seeing the list update issue. All of the feeds disappear and are repainted as I scroll down the items list.


it’s fixed in trunk but i don’t think it’s worth making a new build
i’ll make a new build if there’s a few more issues found or before pushing things to production

e: so far not seeing any crash reports from the beta build.


Offline has stopped working on my phone with build 466. I get the prompt, but clicking “go offline” just seems to close the popup. There’s no progess bar appearing in the notification area.

Phone: Honor View 10
Android 8.0.0


works fine here i’m afraid
i’ll check on a 8.0 emulator later

e: check if you have notifications disabled for tt-rss, this has happened before.

could be related to this although for some reason it works fine on 8.1 avd


new beta build (467) should be up soon

also, bad news: since i can’t use android built-in serialization due to #37103380 there’s going to be new and exciting crashes if main app process has been terminated by android runtime, because it looks like the library i’m using doesn’t handle this scenario well (not sure if it could be handled properly in any case).
tldr: android is a shit platform.

e: notification shit should be fixed for next build, not making one yet though


Build 468 has fixed the offline issue. Thanks!


I am using version 1.234 (468) on Android 7.0.

I noticed something in the latest versions but maybe has always been there and I did not pay attention.

I set up to mark as read by scrolling. With feeds that have many posts, I scroll down reading only the titles.
It happens sometimes that I tap the last unread post on the list/lowest on the display (let’s say #4) in order to read the contents, then instead of going back to the list of titles, I swipe left to go to the next (#5). I keep swiping, until I tap back. In the list of titles, posts #1, 2 and 3 are still unread.

It’s not a big issue, but I was expecting a different behavior: reading following post, no matter how, should mark as read the previous ones.

I hope it was clear and apologize me if I could not explain my workflow.



well it’s mark as read on scroll, it only works when scrolling down headlines list, literally, going to/from pager doesn’t affect it (maybe it should, i don’t know really)

missed items should get marked when you scroll down one item further


Yes, this is what I do.

I agree with you that right now it is working as expected. I thought what I suggested made sense, but maybe I am the only with this workflow.

Thanks anyway for your reply.


maybe going back from article pager should mark everything above as read if this option is enabled, or maybe not
i would appreciate more input on this i guess

e: idk how annoying would this be to implement :thinking:


build 469 with enclosure display changes is up


i kind of completely forgot all about this for two weeks, welp

since there’s no unusual crashes or reports i’m starting production rollout for this build