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Android Client : Image not loading



You got it. Uninstalling Chrome (i.e. downgrading it to version 61) fixed the issue for me. Re-updating it back to 66 broke it again.


i for one am glad that webview is a constantly broken perma-updating thing you can’t even test against

thanks, google


FWIW, the other day I tested a theory on my tablet.
I found a feed that had the issue, got the blank entry, put the tablet into flight mode, then rotated the screen and the image loaded instantly.
So from where I’m sitting the culprit is webview as the image is downloaded, which would explain why no errors are shown in TT-RSS.

I think we can close this issue as an “oh well, fuck it”


its possible that the image is loaded but webview somehow glitches within tt-rss view hierarchy (which is rather complex for this view because android is a pile of garbage)[1]

it’s not like i can do anything about it though in this case, especially since it worked before. maybe google should learn to unfuck their own shit for once.

  1. you likely have no idea the sheer depths of shit i had to dive through to implement fullscreen video viewing for tt-rss, something that should in my personal opinion just work


I am also experiencing this bug on android 7.1.1 (Xperia Z5 Compact) with Chrome 66.0.3359.126 for a few months. As a consequence I don’t use this app anymore despite the fact that I paid for it.


the suffering i have to go through because of you guys. the pain. the depths of desolation and sorrow.

i’m still investigating but it looks like rendering webview content synchronously fixes this issue (at least xkcd starts to render properly).

best part is how it’s impossible to test or replicate this on a virtual device because it obviously uses a completely different(ly broken) webview implementation and you can’t install chrome-based webview because fuck you, lol.

e: i’m updating current rollout with the version that fixes this (maybe) - 1.242

e2: and this is the thanks i get:



Latest beta fixed XKCD for me.


Fixed now with latest beta (1.242(476))
Tested on xkcd and Dilbert


This fixes it for me. I had it with rss-bridge instagram feeds. Thanks.


Last update fixed the issue for me as well :smiley:

@fox you are so right libraries like webview should reduce complexity and not add… :roll_eyes:


Just out of curiosity, was this related to this bug ? https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/google/google-fixes-issue-that-broke-millions-of-web-based-games-in-chrome/