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my typical workflow is to focus on a few specific categories then flip to fresh… each time i need to open menu > special > fresh. and to get back > menu > close special > pick one

i’d like to see fresh at the top level of the menu. maybe others don’t want that and rather starred or recently read

would you please consider letting users choose which of the special feeds live under the special branch and which are promoted to the top of the menu ?


nope, special category mirrors tt-rss proper, it’s exactly same virtual feeds. as a workaround (of sorts) you can make shortcuts for specific categories on the desktop.


yeah i tried that, i like the shortcuts. but for flipping between fresh & a category … one ends up closing and opening the app to switch. not any smoother then slogging through the menu.

in tt-rss proper, i’ve hacked it with CSS like #dijit__TreeNode_5 {display: none} but that only works in a browser

perhaps i should be asking for a little more flexibility on special feeds in tt-rss proper VS just in the app ?


this stuff is way too much of a special case to be considered for stock UI in my opinion.

there’s a way to add Special feeds via plugins (af_shared is one example which i think is bundled) so you could explore this angle. i’m not sure if API and android client support this, but they should.


your opinion is what counts around here. thanks for the suggestion. ill try


NEW BETA (1.217) should be up in a few hours

switch to offline improvements: instead of an easily missable popup dialog a notification is shown tapping on which switches tt-rss into offline mode even if it was in background when syncing completed

if the app is in foreground snackbar is also shown which can be used to switch offline



NEW BETA 1.218

offline improvements

  • support for caching (and viewing) video files; fullscreen video player for videos in offline mode
  • offline success notification should show up on screen, snackbar is no more
  • it should now be possible to cancel going offline


  • offline: enable gallery view for local files


  • offline: headlines list shouldn’t jump around if view mode = unread and auto mark as read are both enabled


I tried out the offline mode this morning.
I downloaded the minimum of 150 articles and read some in the train. It was a nice and fast experience.
After I arrived at work i switched to online mode and let it sync the changes.
In my webbrowser ttrss if could see that the articles were correctly marked as read, but the mark star wasn’t removed.
Is it not possible to mark/unmark articles while offline?


it’s currently half way there. setting starred or published is going to sync back but unstarring/unpublishing won’t.

there’s no way to know whether the articles were starred/published before, only the fact that the record was locally modified is tracked in offline database, this limitation avoids syncing hundreds of article ids every time you go online while possibly unmarking things that got set while device was offline.

it shouldn’t be that hard to add two more tracking fields for this i think.

e: tfw no lambda callbacks in java 7 :pensive:



  • properly track and sync modification of all relevant article fields while offline (i.e. unread, marked, published)


Hi Fox,

First off thanks for making an offline mode. I recall back in the day your view was people should just get a data plan :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway I notice one small, low priority glitch.

After going offline if you press the android back button the left nav goes back to the pre offline state and shows that you are online. You then see all the articles, even the ones you have not downloaded. A restart of the app fixes this. I don’t know much about Android but this may be as easy to fix as purging history?

App Version: 1.224 (459)
Hardware: Pixel 2


it was always there, i just added a few features

thanks, i’ll check it out. should be easy to fix i think.


should be fixed in the next beta


  • maybe memory usage improvements, idk
  • the above thing fixed

i’ll look for new crashes for a day or two and then push this to stable

btw just as a reference google tells me there’s a 43% crash reduction with the latest release, i guess i did fix some some shit huh



new beta build (1.259) is going to be up soon, the only change is hopefully reducing memory usage of loaded images, at least going by android studio profiler

this might mitigate the issue reported in this thread: [Android] rendering view extremely slow on tap or not