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V 1.196 (430)


Unread counts on feed categories no longer update in real time. I have to refresh to get them to update. Previously they would update upon returning to category view (pane?) from the feed list.


The concering feed is this one http://feeds2.feedburner.com/stadt-bremerhaven/dqXM


the images are 150x150 px and current threshold was 128px so they fit. i think this could be safely enlarged or maybe even based on DPI somehow, since all devices are highres nowadays

i’ll set it to 200px for the time being


yeah this should be back to how it was before in the next build



Thanks, Fox.


well i managed to add a really simple swipe to dismiss (without undo for the time being)

now for the bad news, recycler view doesn’t like context menus and implementing them would be a horrible hack. additionally, context menus have other hacky problems, and are generally obsolete on android because of how undiscoverable they are. so the menu is dead.

anyway, just use the overflow 3-dot menu like the rest of the apps. and yes i understand it’s slightly more annoying but, well, deal with it.gif

e: fucking finally it works like it should (1.197)


if you use “mark read on scroll” you experince a bug with build 1.209 (Android 7.0)
You can scroll through a feed and you get a white site in the end and all articles are marked read.
But as soon as you clicked on one article in the feed, you can’t scroll over the last article in the feed.

BTW is it wanted that I can’t “swipe to dismiss” anymore with enabled “mark read on scroll”?


you’re right, well it should be an easy fix

BTW is it wanted that I can’t “swipe to dismiss” anymore with enabled “mark read on scroll”?

it’s in the release notes even :neutral_face:

i can easily enable it but it just seems redundant

e: tbqh maybe the option is not needed, just enable swipe everywhere


sorry I’m just not used to meaningful release notes

thanks, I use both, even if this seems dumb :wink:


i won’t change this for this rollout but promise to think about it

e: in case anyone is interested i’m doing a staged rollout (20% users) today, a bunch of bugs fixed so far.


Maybe I never noticed in older versions but gifs start playing when you are on the article before them in reading mode. I assume it is because of pre-loading and would rather have pre-loading working vs starting a gif in the middle.


if you mean swiping between articles the fragment is created off-screen so that you have something to swipe to, article is a webview so it just starts rendering when created i guess, not sure if there’s any manual controls for that

e: i probably could tell the article to only render when fragment is actually displayed but that would introduce perceptual lag so idk if its better

in gallery viewer videos only start playing when the view is actually active, gifs work same as above because idk how to play/stop gifs with Glide

i’ll rename this thread to android client general i guess


Does anyone know why rearranging the sort order of feed categories would not be reflected on the Android client?

Yesterday I move one feed category, and while the web reflects the change, the client does not.
I have tried:
reset the sort order in the preferences.
clear data on the android app.

my setup:
Debian 8.8 VPS
Postgresql 9.4.12
PHP 5.6.30-0
Nginx 1.6.2
TT-RSS GIT bfe162f


looks like this works for top category view but doesn’t for subcategories (probably because those are sorted folders then feeds)

just in case the information is not cached so you don’t need to clear data or w/e else.

e: haven’t looked yet but this is likely a bitch to fix


Thought as much it would be. Just weird that there are some combinations of sort order that works fine but others don’t.
yeah Android API… :neutral_face:


nah this is entirely on me, the list is sorted and user specified sort order is ignored.


Don’t think it’s all on you fox…
If I change back the sort order, to a different user specified order. The android app plays nice, but changing position on two categories, screws up the order in the app…

E: well renaming two of the categories has solved the issue. So don’t know what this happened or why renaming helped…


this looks like a whole cascade of problems

story so far:

  1. in feed/category fragment categories were not sorted by order_id - fixed
  2. the way ordering is done prevents sorting working properly sometimes because hurr-durr i’m a retard - fixed
  3. API does not send user order information on getFeeds

$userpic etc

e: ok, so the fix for 3. is going to be on gitlab soon, android fixes mean new beta up (448) in a few hours


new beta build has a truly groundbreaking feature: in compact mode headlines are allowed to span whole two lines on screen because i got a report that they were shortened too much and well they were.

report here if this change makes you mad.


Thanks for this change. Long time annoyance fixed and makes the app more usable