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Allow third-party fulltext fetcher in af_readability


I know there is a plugin called mercury_fulltext for this, but it can not work for bookmarklets since bookmarklets it harded-coded to call the “extract_contents” in af_readability.

It would be great if af_readability could have an option for setting a URL to a third-party fulltext fetcher, like in https://github.com/HenryQW/mercury_fulltext/blob/master/init.php#L193

A web-based API allows processing the feed with any programming language, which opens up the opportunity for further integration with other existing applications.

  1. af_readability is going to continue using readability. i hope i don’t need to explain why.
  2. you can always make a different bookmarklets plugin which would do whatever you want
  3. i’m all for adding more plugin hooks but there has to be a line drawn somewhere


as a more generic solution i’ve added a separate plugin hook (HOOK_GET_FULL_TEXT) which could be provided by any plugin implementing full text service; at the moment the only place its being used is the one where ad_readability was previously invoked by name, but this could be extended.

additionally, this could be used by other plugins, which might want to get full article text in a generic way.

i haven’t tested this but it should work.