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After server restart TTRSS says last updated 3 days in future


Hi, I have been using TTRSS for a few years now since Google reader was shut down.
A couple of months back after I updated TTRSS from git. I rebooted the server and the feed daemon was running but I was not getting any updates. The TTRSS screen in my browser said last updated 3 days in the future All dates that I could find in the server were all correct. 3 days later I started getting updates again. The next time I updated the server, TTRSS from Git and restarted the server same thing no updates for 3 days.

Any one have any idea on where I should look to fix this.
Server is Ubuntu 17.04

Thanks in advanced


Do you actually restart the server or just the daemon? Restarting the server is rarely needed except for things like kernel patches, etc. At most you’d just restart the daemon or the PHP service.

I’m guessing your server time is not being updated properly. Can your run date from SSH next time you restart to see what it says? Is this a virtual machine from a hosting provider? If so, what virtualization method is used (OpenVZ, KVM, etc.). Things like OpenVZ have their clocks set from the host. Have you done this more than twice to know that it’s always three days?


i was not aware this is “i can’t figure out time syncing on my ubuntu” forum


It is a VM on Hyper-V I will check there. Strange I think it may have fixed it self. I have rebooted the server 3 or 4 times the last couple of months when ever it said restart required and it has done it every time. I just rebooted it and it is fine today. thanks for the reply.


I’m betting this has to do with you using Hyper-V.
The last time I had to work with Hyper-V Linux support was still kinda poor.

Are LIS installed correctly?
What Host-OS are you using?


I would bet the host time is off by 3 days. Server boots, update daemon runs (and updates) and then ntp fixes the time…