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Af_readability doesn't get the full post


On a new instalation from few days ago I tried af_readability with http://ep00.epimg.net/rss/elpais/portada.xml and get nothing.

Is it broken or maybe i’m doing something wrong?

I configured the channel for use the plugin also.

Thanks for all.


readability is not going to work for everything, try a different feed first


I tried on http://ep00.epimg.net/rss/elpais/portada.xml and http://estaticos.elmundo.es/elmundo/rss/portada.xml

The fact is that “elpais” runs on my own personal server, with a older version.

I will try others then.


Try mercury instead. Just tested it against your El Pais feed and it worked.


An API key is required



It works on my home server with older version of tiny tiny Rss.
doesn’t work on my work server, with a git clone of few days ago.

I’m using for now a workarround, with feediron and readability method and it works.