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Af_comics fix needed


Sometime in the past week, the af_comics plugin stopped working for most Go Comics strips. It appears that Go comics changed to all HTTPS. In my local copy of tt-rss, I changed http to https in line 94 of the plugin’s init.php and it’s working again.

Since, I’m not familiar with how to submit this change, would some kind soul please update the code?


  • Leon


Thanks for sharing.

Pull request is in.



im out of town this week hope this doesn’t break everything!


svn update not advisable then?

Asking for a friend…


It’s fine. I added literally a single character. If that breaks the world I deserve to be kicked off the Internet. :slight_smile:


It’s 2018… git pull


I’ll give you credit if it works okay, since you made the change. If it breaks, I’ll take the blame for suggesting it. :grinning: