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Adding Authentication to backend.php


Currently using RSS Subscription Extension (by Google)
Available at https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/rss-subscription-extensio/nlbjncdgjeocebhnmkbbbdekmmmcbfjd?hl=en

Added a RSS feed at:

Is there any way to subscribe via the extension and add it to TT-RSS?
Either via a permanent key or else entering the username/password (not safe?) ?


you’re doing this the worst way imaginable

i don’t remember if this is in the faq but look up how bookmarklet or ff integration subscribes you


Thanks, found it! :smiley:

I need a URL I can call to subscribe to feed to integrate with some third party browser extension/application.


SELF_URL_PATH = http://your.ttrss.server/tt-rss/