Add same feed multiple times,or action on filter to move to spesific category


First of thanks alot for this software,ive just discovered how rss can rly ease my news reading!
I know there is labels and such that does help,but i would really like to be able to have same action on filters as star marking but to be able to choose a category rather,so i could easily gather and sort key news under certain tabs father then one long stream with labels and such. i have multiple categories of news which i want to separate key news,the star tab kinda gets inneffective reading if just want to check a certain feed or so. Dont know if im making sense here,i tried searching forum and google for this but didnt find any.Thanks


i think what you’re looking for is 1) labels and 2) filter -> apply label

also for your next post please use paragraphs


So sorry,just noticed the labels tab so that sorts it.

I really tried to find a solution before post here aswell

Will start use paragraphs. Thx for great app aswell