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Active Searches?


I’m coming to tt-rss from Inoreader. On Inoreader’s higher tier plans, they support something called an Active Search that’s basically a search across everything in Inoreader’s index regardless of if you subscribe to it or not. Results then show up as articles like from a feed in an “Active Search” folder. Is there a way to have a similar feature in tt-rss? I know I could do a saved Google Search, but it would be really handy to have that built into tt-rss itself.



PS. First post in the forum! Just wanted to say I love tt-rss!


you could write a plugin which would display data from feeds subscribed by other users on your tt-rss instance (hopefully asking for their consent before)

data mining stuff like this doesn’t seem like a very good fit for a self-hosted decentralized service tbh


I wasn’t necessarily thinking about crawling other user’s feeds, I was thinking of an integration with google somehow. For instance, the tt-rss server would query google every X amount of time and any new hits under the News section would get returned as articles in the feed


last thing i want is deeper integration with google

nobody is stopping you from making such a plugin but you’re unlikely to get much support for this kind of stuff on this forum i’m afraid


You described https://www.google.com/alerts


The alerts never worked for me actually. They are supposed to generate RSS feeds but the feeds never updated.


Why would you need that? Go to Google for ‘everything’.


Basically it was a way to have new articles show up as a feed for anything you wanted. Kind of like the google alerts someone higher up in the thread mentioned, except that it the active searches in Inoreader actually updated as expected (which apparently they don’t for you).


With the right package, you can convert any page to a feed, including Google. Try harder.


@nathanmace Might I suggest using rss-bridge. it has things like Amazon Price tracking, a proper feed for google search and a myriad of other sites without rss or without GOOD rss.

It’s better than trying to get TT-RSS to be something it’s not


This looks great! Not exactly what I was looking for, but certainly something I will try out! Thanks!

Is there a list of popular plugins around somewhere? I looked in the Wiki and it wasn’t a very long list…


RSS-Bridge isn’t a plugin it’s a separate php project. Fox did a clean-up of the plugins in the wiki because of how old they were. That wiki page is currently your best bet