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A quick question about mobile themes


Anyone know of a good theme for rendering a nice mobile layout? I’m using Reeder on iOS right now which is fine but I’d prefer not to have the syncing delay and just use my site directly. Also it would be easier to tweak.


Why not use one of the native apps?…





there’s no syncing delay in my app :shrug:


There’s a sync delay? might wanna look at upgrading your internet connection then.


Go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh and make sure Reeder is enabled. It should be enabled by default, but make sure anyway. This allows iOS to update it when it does its normal background stuff.

iOS is a little flakey though. It seems the more you use an app the more it’s included in these background checks, the less you use an app the less it’s included. If you’ve just started using Reeder, give iOS a few days to figure out that you use it regularly.

You could also try tiny Reader RSS. The developer frequents this forum and the new version seems to be well received.


I’m a huge fan of https://github.com/g2ttrss/g2ttrss-mobile for mobile access. Just an API app but no delays, no issues. (No offline.) And it works really well for my reading style; the only change I made is to disable the ‘mark all as read’ button at the bottom of each page.

It ignores the new pagination rules too, which (on mobile etc) I’m good with.


I would love to find an alternative to tiny Reader RSS. The current version doesn’t support self-signed ssl certificates so isn’t terribly useful if your tt-rss server is “the Linux PC in the back room.” The previous version had a checkbox for allowing self-signed. While the author has indicated he’s willing to add the option back, I’ve not seen any movement on that front either here on the forums or in the app as downloaded.

I used to use feedSushi (iOS), but the developer took it down when she moved for a new job and didn’t have time to maintain it anymore. It still works on iOS 11, but since it’s no longer available on the app store, either you have it already (and will lose it with a new phone), or you can’t get it.


I’d be interested in seeing this. I’ve got it installed now and the interface comes up but it’s stuck at “Loading…” and nothing’s happening on the server. I can drive server load up pretty high if I keep tapping “Load more items” over and over, but there’s nothing displayed. External API access is enabled and I’m on the latest git of both g2ttrss-mobile and tt-rss itself. Were there any hoops you had to jump through to get this working?


As I recall a few years ago the API changed and instead of returning the headlines, it now returns an array and one of the keys is the headlines. This plugin’s code hasn’t been updated in a few years so it may not take that into account.


It is just working for me but I have to admit to not updating ttrss since March.

The only config changes I made were to set the ordering to date (not date_reverse) and 50 items per page instead of 25.

I’d check the webserver logs and see what it is doing. Looks like the last update I have is before js strict mode, maybe that changed the API in ways that it can’t handle…

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Not to resurrect the dead, but in preparation for updating my main site I just tested g2ttrss under docker (using latest ttrss git). It is working fine here.

I did get an unrelated error in the main UI when I subscribed a new feed, so I’ll open a new thread on that. (It was related to docker, so nevermind.)

And g2ttrss is working on my main site as well, no issues so far.

SSL/TLS Certificates: Self-Signed, Let's Encrypt, Etc