A commercial product vs. geek only?



just went through the process of setting tt-rss up, thanks for a great tool.

i was awed though by the fact that it is so not aimed at people who want something that’d work out of the box.

would’ve gladly paid for a cloud service like tt-rss that is already hosted and running. there are options, but those lack critical functionality (advanced filtering in my case).

ssh? daemons? never heard of those before. and all the nuances I wasted time dealing with (like trying to find from my hoster why php version is 5.4 while it’s declared to be higher).

so instead of being charged (win-win), we (non tech-savvy people) are trying to figure this whole thing out, which inevitably leads us to this forum which we flood with stupid questions that we don’t even want to be dealing with in the first place.

fox, why not make a buck and make everyone happier?

  1. For people who have no idea about ssh, daemons, etc.; there’s already hosted RSS services.
  2. For people who are familiar with this stuff, it’s easy. I’m not saying that to be condescending, just that if a person knows how to setup a server throwing TT-RSS on it won’t be difficult.
  3. I can’t speak for fox, but I know that I wouldn’t want to host TT-RSS for the general public. Maintaining the server would be fine, but dealing with support requests would get tiring and certainly take up more time than would be worth the little bit of money I’d earn from providing the service.


as i’ve repeatedly posted before, i believe that over-centralization of the internet is harmful and i don’t want to become part of the problem.

also, just because someone is “non tech-savvy” doesn’t mean they can’t learn something new once in a while. we’re not talking rocket science here.


Hear hear.

One can learn rocket science easily enough.