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; 28 Operation timed out after 15000 milliseconds with 0 bytes received - it can be more?


Hello! I installed TT RSS in order to aggregate RRS channels which I create by PHP from other sites and generally it works very well though not as well as TTRss would like. Unfortunately, usually such a query is very long and lasts up to 60 seconds, which causes the reader to generate an error.
In config.php define_default (‘FILE_FETCH_TIMEOUT’, 45); and I tried to change 45 to anything else and it’s even 45000 but it does not change so it seems to me that the error that is in the title is generated elsewhere.
Tiny Tiny RSS is the best reader that is available so I’m going to stay with it, so can I change 15000 to another value ???

Appache server
Shared Hosting
PHP any

Best regards jerrys


there’s a separate constant FEED_FETCH_TIMEOUT have you tried changing it instead?


unfortunately I did not find such a declaration in the forum or documentation though I was looking for :frowning:
define(‘FEED_FETCH_TIMEOUT’, ?); ? = second, milisecond ?


those are defined in include/functions.php (in seconds)


write into config.php This can also take effect?


doesn’t any result, but change FEED_FETCH_TIMEOUT and FILE_FETCH_TIMEOUT and FILE_FETCH_TIMEOUT to one mintute, so I’m waiting to update for effect.


btw there’s also FEED_FETCH_NO_CACHE_TIMEOUT - that’s the one that is capped at 15 seconds by default

(there sure is a lot of those :face_with_raised_eyebrow:)

e: you need to adjust the two FEED_FETCH* constants by adding define(…, …) in config.php, don’t modify functions.php or touch any other tunables (unless you need to adjust other timeouts, because they are not used when fetching feeds)


I try to add define(‘FILE_FETCH_CONNECT_TIMEOUT’, 30);
/* Some tunables you can override in config.php using define(): */

Direct modification functions.php I think it will affect git pull


I’ve that idea to change declaration one by one and wait what helped , and after succes share here :slight_smile: , so next will be FEED_FETCH_NO_CACHE_TIMEOUT and every declaration there - I am absolutely determined to adjust this :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


well we can’t stop you from doing this the hard way :slight_smile:


well, update time is one hour so I have many time :slight_smile:


28 Operation timed out after 25000 milliseconds with 0 bytes received
In my case this should be FEED_FETCH_NO_CACHE_TIMEOUT


cancel the subscription ,It will delete the starred article or not?


this will by next to check by me!


Hurra!!! - it was define_default(‘FILE_FETCH_CONNECT_TIMEOUT’, 120); !!

Really thank You for help, Im happy :slight_smile: