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24 hour clock and headline question


Is there a way to turn off 24 hour time? I would prefer to do 4:41 PM instead of 16:41
While I am asking, is there any way to have 2 lines of the headline instead of 1?



Look under Preferences - Advanced - Long/Short date format


That’s what I thought.
I changed Long to be: D, M d Y - g:i a
and short to be: M d, g:i a

But it didn’t change anything. I tried a CTRL F5 too


Presuming you’d rather the headlines wrap instead of getting cut off, try

body.ttrss_main div.postReply div.postTitle {
    overflow: auto;
    white-space: pre-line;

under Customise stylesheet in preferences.


Just tried that here - works on my machine…




Strange. I am wondering if there is some form of caching on my box.
Thank you for the custom CSS btw.


Double check that it’s saved by reloading preferences and making sure it’s what you’re expecting it to be.


Strange, it seems like its a mixed bag of dates.


Seems anything since midnight doesn’t use either of the formatting in preferences (I specified a for am/pm in both prior to this)…



ok, well atleast I know its not just me :slight_smile: this is just a minor thing anyway.
Thanks for all your help.


that’s probably smart date time, it’s a separate option in preferences

e: my bad, this option was removed.