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Potential problems when upgrading to schema 137 (5)

Schema 137 adds a composite key which enforces subscribed feeds being unique per-user. Previously tt-rss UI would prevent this in most cases but one way or another it was possible to have duplicate feeds (for example, th…

My feed doesn't parse properly, or does it? [myfeedsucks] (3)

Since this problem arises from time to time, I decided to make a simple page which shows how tt-rss will process any given feed. It is available here: https://fakecake.org/myfeedsucks/ This way you can see whether lates…

Themes not showing up (2)

Every time base version (i.e. VERSION_STATIC in include/version.php) is updated third party themes become invalidated for what I think are obvious reasons. If you want to continue using your third party theme update t…

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