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Easier translations with Weblate (11)

In an effort to make translating easier I’ve set up an instance of Weblate, available here: Anyone can contribute. The results get pushed into a separate branch (weblate-integration) which can be reviewed and merged i…

Android client: general / beta discussion ( 2 3 ) (55)

I did some updates on the client which included a lot of updates for various google libraries and build SDK (and some minor async stuff so that swiping between articles is somewhat less jittery). This is the kind of chan…

Pull requests & gogs spam (2)

a bunch of users registered on gogs to spam so we’re back to allowing zero repositories to users by default, because i don’t have time to clean this stuff up. if you want to work on tt-rss or whatever, PM me your gogs a…

Contributing code via Gitlab: the guide (3)

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