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F-Droid repository for tt-rss [Tiny Tiny RSS] (2)

For people who just can’t stand Google Play there’s a F-Droid repository now. Repo URL: https://fakecake.org/fdroid/repo Repository is updated once a day. Please note several differences to Play Store version: Build…

Rate limiting for some git-related requests [Tiny Tiny RSS] (6)

TLDR: If you run into 503 errors when trying to git pull, try pulling less often. I've noticed an unusual amount of git-related HTTP requests in nginx logs which caused a noticeable increase in overall traffic sent per…

Read before posting / reporting bugs [Tiny Tiny RSS] (4)

General forum rules Please post in English only. Don’t post ads for paid services. The following rules only apply to support requests. (Post in Unsupported if you’re not sure about those.) Only dedicated hosting acco…

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