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F-Droid repository for tt-rss

For people who just can’t stand Google Play there’s a F-Droid repository now. REPOSITORY URL: https://tt-rss.org/fdroid/repo Please note several differences to Play Store version: Builds are generated automatically o…

3 July 6, 2018
Come idle with us on Jabber (XMPP)

you will need to get a jabber account somewhere first xmpp network is federated so it can be any server (including your own) join conference (group chat): [email protected] instead of a desktop client you can u…

2 January 17, 2019
Read before posting / reporting bugs

General forum rules Please post in English only. Don’t post ads for paid services. As a general tl;dr rule low-effort posting will get you probated. People are trying to help you, don’t waste their time on stupid bulls…

4 April 27, 2017
Rate limiting for some git-related requests

TLDR: If you run into 503 errors when trying to git pull, try pulling less often. I've noticed an unusual amount of git-related HTTP requests in nginx logs which caused a noticeable increase in overall traffic sent per…

6 April 23, 2017
How to contribute code (via pull requests) on git.tt-rss.org

a bunch of users registered on gogs to spam so we’re back to allowing zero repositories to users by default, because i don’t have time to clean this stuff up. if you want to work on tt-rss or whatever, you can do one of…

8 January 9, 2019
[Android] Article load very slow with Chrome 72/73 5 April 22, 2019
Methods with the same name as their class will not be constructors in a future version of PHP; SphinxClient has a deprecated constructor 2 April 19, 2019
Af_Zz_Img_Phash, Postgres, and count-bits 7 April 17, 2019
Allow third-party fulltext fetcher in af_readability 3 April 13, 2019
Issue since Readability update 26 February 19, 2019
Update for Tiny Tiny RSS on Synology 7 April 9, 2019
Subscribe to feed gives error "Sorry, an error occurred" 8 April 13, 2019
Keyboard shortcuts stop working after clicking buttons 32 April 4, 2019
Create_published_article doesn't update the tsvector_combined 7 April 14, 2019
For those who want a nice button for instapaper saving 2 April 12, 2019
Finally got around to moving from MySQL to PostgresSQL 8 April 10, 2019
Importing entries from other RSS reader 10 April 8, 2019
[SOLVED] Search in Chinese 18 April 8, 2019
Intergrate RSS-Brige in TT-RSS 13 April 9, 2019
[Plugin] Toggle night mode for custom themes 2 April 9, 2019
TT-RSS with MariaDB 10 (Synology NAS) 6 August 27, 2018
Problem with feeds from Wiley Online Library 6 March 24, 2019
[Feature Request] Night mode: selector for which one 5 January 6, 2019
FeedMei, a clean and minimal theme 6 February 25, 2019
Unsupported feed type (stopped updating) 3 April 9, 2019
Feeds appearing twice in fresh articles view 4 April 8, 2019
PHP 7.3 - Use of undefined constant GLOB_BRACE 8 April 4, 2019
`Automatically mark articles as read` option 7 April 4, 2019
Redirect error after login behind nginx reverse proxy 7 April 4, 2019
Favicon selection via "get_favicon_url" 5 March 29, 2019